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Chi siamo

Daniel Carnio

Co-founder & Director

Jessica Zuttion

Co-founder & Director

Greta Boato

Art Advisor

Gianluca Ripa

Creative Director

Giulia Giraudo


Jessica Zuttion

Co-founder & Director

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The art market

Investing in contemporary art leads to good earnings in the medium and long term. The art market generates important margins: find out more!

Why FineArtX

Why FineArtX? We help investors generate profits through relationships with prestigious art galleries and following artists on their growth path

How it works

Trust us to invest in the art market: we guide you through all the steps and advise you when to liquidate and reinvest.

How much is it worth

If you want to know the value of the work of art you own, if you would like to sell it but do not know at what price, this service is the solution for you.



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