The art market

The art market

Investing in art is one of the most profitable businesses in the world. In recent years it has established itself as a constantly growing market: contemporary works of art have become the new safe haven asset selected by professional investors.

In addition to being an effective hedge against inflation, a work of contemporary art also manages to maintain its value during economic recessions. This sector offers very high and above-average returns: the capital gain generated is around 15% per annum. 

Furthermore commercial operations have achieved a growth of 2,700% since 2000, with the expansion of the contemporary art market. 

Collecting works of art is therefore a way to express one’s emotional side, but also a real high-yield financial investment tool.

Art as an investment

Art as an investment

investire in arte

In recent decades, the enormous volatility and unpredictability of international financial markets has led professional investors from all over the world to seek refuge in so-called “safe havens”to protect their finances. 

The “safe havens” are all of those luxury goods characterised by a market of their own, unrelated to the global financial market. 

Art is positioned in this sector and offers capital protection and excellent growth performance with average annual returns of 15%. Furthermore, since the investment in art is part of the so-called “occasional sales of collectible goods”, the capital gain generated is not subject to taxation.

The 10 benefits for investors

The 10 benefits for investors

The 10 benefits for investors who choose to operate in the Contemporary Art market are:


Our artistic portfolio

By discovering and promoting emerging artists who create contemporary works of art, we feel a new “lifeblood” that infects us all. 

Art is an ancient and ancestral expression of man, which has always accompanied his evolution and growth. So we go in search of light, shadows, colours, contrasts and their fascinating meanings to get in touch with our truest essence. 

The artists curated by FineArtX are carefully chosen by international art galleries and our expert Art Advisors

The initial value of these works are destined to increase over time as we plan and take care of the selected artist’s path in detail. 

Through possible exhibitions, insertions in important collections and mentions by editorial publications, they will increase their prestige and with it, also the return on your investment. 

Investing in contemporary art is a great profitable strategy to make use of one’s savings. 

At the same time however, it is also a way to satisfy the highest feelings. Love and hate. Happiness and melancholy. Gratitude and anger. Courage and fear.

“Art cannot be separated from life. It is the expression of the greatest necessity of which life is capable. ” Robert Henri

Let there be art!





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