How much is it worth

How much

How much is your work of art worth?

Do you have a work of art and would you like to know its real value?
If you want to know if the painting you have purchased or have owned for many years is a work of art,is of great interest and can be sold at a high price, this is the perfect service for you. 

We offer you an evaluation of the work of art you own: in this way you will be able to quickly and economically know its real market value. 

The evaluation consists of a report that we will send you  in which you can see the results the artist has achieved in most recent auctions: the average of these results will correspond to the approximate value of your work. 

Carefully follow the instructions below to take advantage of this service. 

In order to request the evaluation it is essential to follow these 4 short and simple instructions: 

  • Send us the name of the artist: this is the most important information we need to complete the assessment. 
  • Before writing to us, you must make sure that the artist is known nationally and internationally. For us to obtain the data from different auction results, the artist needs to have built a certain amount of reputation. 
  • Find out about the technique the artist used to create your work. Are you looking at a picture painted in oil, in charcoal or is it a woodcut? In addition, we will also need to know the dimensions of the unframed work. 
  • The more information you can give us, the more reliable the evaluation will be: it is very useful if you send us a photo and the date on which your work was created.

We do not deal with expert reports so we are unable to establish the authenticity or technique of the work in your possession. The evaluation we provide always starts from the certainty that the work is actually authentic. 

To obtain the evaluation of works of art, simply send us an email to with all the information required as listed previously and summarised below: 

  • Name and surname of the painter / sculptor 
  • Technique with which the ‘work 
  • Dimensions without calculating the frame 
  • Year of creation if you know it 
  • An image or a photo of the work 

We will only be able to handle requests that come to us with all the requested material. 

Once we have obtained the information, you will receive the evaluation of the work within 5 working days. 

At the end of these 5 days, you will receive your complete report with the evaluation indicating the value of the work calculated based on the artist’s latest auction results. 

The cost of the service is £10.50

Please note: If you do not know the artist’s name or the technique used, we cannot help you evaluate your work. Other than that, before purchasing our service, make sure you have all the necessary information we need. 

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