The art market

art market

The contemporary art market

Investing in art is becoming increasingly important and profitable: it is the new trend of today’s market. 

We are experiencing a delicate and difficult historical period, of crisis and monetary devaluation, but at the same time alternative investments such as those in works of art have not been affected by the volatility of traditional markets.

 Investing in contemporary art is: 

  • An excellent solution for maintaining capital: over the years it can yield average increases of 15% per year; 
  • A way to think about the future economic inheritance of one’s children; 
  • Having the possibility of obtaining exponential revaluations even in the short term; 
  • A solution to insure one’s savings in safe-haven assets; 
  • A way to actively enter an increasingly profitable reality; 

Today’s art market is constantly looking for new artists and works that represent quality and potential, and thus can mature important and valid economic values ​​over time. 

Growth in all sectors of art is now consolidated and we know that there is a positive development for the market that looks to the whole of 2022/2023. 

Some data on the art sector:

This year auction houses, gallery owners, curators and Art Advisors expect an estimated increase in sales of between 60 and 80% compared to 2021. 

There is therefore a serene optimism in the investment market for the contemporary art sector that continues its decisive climb, with an estimated total increase of approximately 13.3 billion dollars. 

The world art market was valued at the end of 2021 at 65.1 billion dollars, equal to 58.5 billion euros and 6.3 billion more than in 2019. 

Hand in hand with the growth of the online art market, the exponential growth of the NFT Art and Crypto Art market is also confirmed, valued at 2.6 billion dollars overall.

It should be emphasised that, to date, 20% of the Art Advisors are optimistic and interested in these emerging market segments because this also opens their doors to younger buyers. 

And with FineArtX you too can ride the positive wave of the investment market in “safe havens”. 

With our best intentions and with a healthy optimism towards the artistic economic horizon of the near future, we hope to make a wonderful journey together.





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