Why FineArtX


Why choose FineArtX

FineArtX was born as an evolution of an already tested business model. Our primary goal is to exponentially improve aspects of the traditional art market by exploiting a large network of: 

  • Galleries 
  • Artists 
  • Curators 
  • Art Advisors 
  • Art Consultants 

from all over the world. 

Normally the approach of traditional galleries is based on a narrow selection of artists who work with the gallery itself, creating an almost exclusive relationship. 

This situation has the advantage of helping the artist increase their fame and therefore also their success in the market, but potentially puts the art investor in a high risk situation.

In fact, the art collectors find themselves exposed to only a small selection of artists with whom the gallery maintains a close relationship. This limits the diversification of the artistic portfolio and in case the artist stops collaborating with the gallery, its market listing would suffer.

FineArtX’s experience in the world of alternative investments has shown how necessary and profitable the diversification of products is even within a portfolio of the same asset. It is always important to cover different investment strategies, diversify the duration and the risk, inserting different products in order to exploit the performance and optimise the return. 

For this reason we have created a different and revolutionary formula. 

FineArtX creates relationships with prestigious art galleries located all over the world who also work with very different contemporary artists. 

This diversification of artists allows the creation of a wide network of opportunities for the art investor, guaranteeing artists who will increase their notoriety and presence in the international market. 

In this way we can create highly optimised portfolios that use every opportunity offered available from the market.

It is this spirit of inclusiveness that makes FineArtX a dynamic and forward-looking company. 

Take advantage of this strategy right away and start investing with us today.





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