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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely yes, we build the initial portfolio according to your needs and we follow you throughout your journey. If you want to increase your investment at a later time, you are free to do so. You are the owner of the works of art and you can do what you want with them, as well as the profits from your sales. At the end of the cycle, you can decide whether to collect the profit or reinvest it in new works of art. 

Liquidation is very simple. You will be contacted by one of our Art Advisors when a work you have purchased has reached peak performance. Very often FineArtX itself repurchases your works to make the process very easy for the customer. If the liquidation takes place for your personal needs, the timing is around 90 days at most. 

Each time the customer buys a work of art, it is certified by our experts who buy directly from the artists or chosen partners. As a guarantee, the certificate of authenticity of each purchased and owned work will be sent to the customer. 

It is not easy and safe to invest in art on your own unless you are a critic or an expert. The artists we choose are accompanied by us or by our partners step by step throughout their journey of growth. This exponentially increases the possibilities to generate a high profit. 

Yes, absolutely. The collection is actually owned by the investing customer and not by third parties. So you are in total control and you can do whatever you want with it, at any time. You can display it indoors or choose storage in our secure warehouses. 

Art is an asset completely independent from traditional markets, it undergoes fewer fluctuations and is a market that has never collapsed to date. It is therefore a very low risk investment and at the same time one of the most profitable.

Any gains on the resale of a work of art is tax free as it is an occasional sale of a collector’s item. Therefore, the capital gains tax will not be applied. However, we always recommend a discussion with your accountant.

FineArtX makes use of competent specialists such as Art Advisors and Financial Advisors who are experts in the sector and whose purpose is to guide investors towards the most suitable investments, based on individual needs and tastes. 

The minimum investment to invest in contemporary art with us varies greatly depending on the work and the artist. Knowing your availability and your financial goals, we will be able to offer you the choice that best reflects your needs. Fill out the form to be contacted by one of our Art Advisors and discover the opportunities we can offer you. 

We accept payments in the following currencies: euros, dollars, pounds or cryptocurrencies. On the purchase contract you will find all the details to make the payment in the currency of your choice. 

 If you are an artist and you want to offer us your works of art, we will be happy to meet you and consider a possible collaboration. To talk to us and our Art Advisors, contact us at info@fineartx.com or on our social pages.



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